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Bronx Baseball Primary Team Pack

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Bringing the ballpark to school – the ideal low-cost baseball starter pack for primary schools. With all the equipment needed to play a game, the Primary Pack includes products ideally suited to younger-aged players without losing the feel of baseball that players all over the world enjoy.

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SKU: SS8721 Category: Tags: ,

Each pack contains:

– 1 x Bronx 26” Alloy baseball bats
– 1 x Bronx 26” Wood baseball bats
– 10 x Bronx 11" LXE Junior gloves (8 x left hand and 2 x right hand)
– 2 x Baden FeatherLite baseballs and 2 x Baden FeatherLite Softballs
– 1 x Bronx Throw Down markers
– 1 x Holdall

Package Size:

37.4" x 19.6" x 19.6" (95cm x 50cm x 50cm)



Bat Material:

Aluminium 1-piece construction for durability

Bat Feature:

Synthetic grip for comfort

Bronx Baseball Primary Team Pack: The Ultimate Introduction to Baseball for Schools

Dive into the thrilling world of baseball right within your school grounds with the Bronx Baseball Primary Team Pack. Crafted meticulously for the budding baseball enthusiasts of primary schools, this pack is a seamless blend of affordability, quality, and suitability for younger players. Experience the true essence of baseball, much adored by players globally, packaged and delivered with a touch of consideration for young hands and spirits.

Unparalleled Equipment Quality & Versatility

Central to this pack is the exclusive Baden FeatherLite ball. At first glance, it captures the authentic look of a traditional baseball. But in action, its soft touch and lightweight structure reveal its primary school-friendly nature. Manufactured with premium Deluxe PU material, this ball is built to last. Its seamless design ensures consistent performance, allowing young players to focus on refining their skills. The pack generously offers both baseball (2 x 9”) and softball (2 x 12”) sizes, ensuring variety and versatility in gameplay.

The Perfect Bat for Every Young Batter

The kit also celebrates choice by offering two distinct bats. For those who prefer the timeless feel, the Bronx 26” wood baseball bat stands ready. And for the ones looking for something modern and resilient, the Bronx 26” alloy baseball bat is the perfect companion. This dual offering ensures every young batter finds their ideal match.

Complete Set for a Comprehensive Gameplay

No player is left behind, as the pack comes equipped with 10 x 11” junior-sized gloves, guaranteeing every young hand finds its snug fit. And when it’s time to set the field, the throw-down base set lays the groundwork. After an exhilarating match, all equipment can be neatly stashed away in the provided equipment bag.

Transform your school’s sports curriculum and let your students experience baseball in its purest yet youth-friendly form. The Bronx Baseball Primary Team Pack is not just a product; it’s a promise of unmatched quality, safety, and joy for the next generation of baseball stars.


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