Practical floor coverings for the protection of sports hall flooring during alternative use

‘Druggets’ and specialist floor tiles are vital for the protection of expensive wooden sports hall or gymnasium floors when the facilities are being used for exam sittings or non-sports events. This coverage has also been found to reduce noise, which is beneficial during exam periods. Without protection, your sports hall floor can easily become damaged which reduces its performance and lifespan. For example, high heels and chairs are regular culprits in floor damage.

Our Drugget Sports Hall Floor Coverings are available in a variety of colours and are manufactured to suit any size of flooring. Our Sports Hall Protective Giant Floor Tiles, are manufactured from a hard-wearing 600D polyester/PVC material which can be wiped clean and have an anti-slip base.

Both methods are quick and easy to install as and when events arise that demand alternative use of the sports hall. When not required, the Drugget can be folded for neat storage and the tiles can be tidily and safely accommodated in the specially designed Trolley for Protective Floor Tiles.

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Sports Floor Protection

Trolley for Protective Floor Tiles

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Sports Floor Protection

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Sports Floor Protection

Drugget Sports Hall Floor Covering

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Sports Hall floor Protective cover

Why it is essential to protect your sports hall flooring during exams and non-sport events

The quality and condition of your sports hall floor are key to the overall performance and effectiveness of any sports hall facility so it is essential to protect it during exams or non-sport events.

Excessive footfall in non-sporting shoes can quickly damage the surface or make it slippery, creating a risk of injury for your pupils, students, staff and visitors. Table and chairs can also significantly impair the quality of a floor which is specifically designed and installed for sports use only.

This damage can be immediate or build up over a period of time but, either way, it will inevitably lead to repair or even total replacement costs for you. By thinking ahead and investing in our floor protection systems, you can significantly reduce this potential long-term cost and inconvenience.

Protect your floor quickly and effectively with Drugget covers or Floor Tiles!

– Prolong the life of your sports hall floor

– Reduce noise to benefit during exam periods

– Efficient, tidy storage

– Prevent scratches, scuffs and deletion of your game lines

– Quick and easy installation for specific non-sporting events

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