At Sportsafe, we pride ourselves on high-quality, affordable games lines and markings.

Our knowledge and skills means we can provide games lines and markings on virtually any flooring and indoor surface, giving you complete control. From PVC to timber, vinyl to rubber and even granwood, we can meet your specifications.

Measuring courts and sports surfaces is a delicate process and requires specialist skills. Not only will this ensure your sports hall looks fantastic, but it will ensure all lines are correct and allow your venue to host games and events – an important factor for any sports hall.

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Games Lines And Markings

We pride ourselves on our bespoke court marking service, incorporating your school, sports team graphics and logos onto your surfaces.

All our games lines and markings comply to Sport England’s strict specifications and governing body rules, giving you complete peace of mind. And with our paints created to last, they boast a five to seven year lifespan when maintained.

At Sportsafe, we pride ourselves on our bespoke court marking service, incorporating your specific school or sports team graphics and logos onto your surfaces to give a truly unique service. All our work is drawn up beforehand for your approval, giving you total control.

Sportsafe offers a comprehensive range of sports lines we can offer your facility. These include;

Hockey Ds



All our lines are offered in different colours, enabling you to mix and match so your users will instantly and easily know which markings are for which sport. Sportsafe also can change existing court markings due to any regulation changes, sanding and erasing old lines before applying new markings and resealing the floor.

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Sports hall Games Lines – King Solomon

Our engineers visited King Solomon High School in September after we were called out to install game lines on an already installed floor they had done previously. Prior to this, in February Sportsafe Uk also installed…

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