Hinged Rope Frames

Diverse and increasingly popular where unsuitable roof structures stop the use of an overhead trackway, hinged rope frames are an excellent solution. Exceptionally stable and rigid during use, they have a diagonally braced steel double top rail and wire bracing to the wall, ensuring safety for your users.

They are also manufactured in tough, powder-coated steel. Hinged Rope Frames are stored flat against the wall when not in use, perfect for sports halls that want to make the most of space.

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Trio (Rainbow) Frame

Perfect for children in Key Stages 1 and 2, Rainbow Frames are not only robust but colourful and fun. Superbly constructed with 32mm diameter tubular steel within a 50 x 25 box section frame, it is wear and scratch resistant, giving you years of play. Braced by two steel ladders for ultimate stability, the frame can be alternated between both T and Y configurations, giving you and your users choice.

While each gate measures 2750mm high x 1830mm wide, Sportsafe is proud to offer bespoke sizes for our customers. The frame can easily be folded away against a wall for ease and increased space.

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Wall Bars

Traditionalists will need no introduction to Wall Bars. Familiar with generations of gymnasts, they feature in countless installations across the UK and overseas.

Sportsafe’s Wall Bars are mounted at both the top and bottom to allow easy access beneath the installation. Supplied as single section units, these fantastic bars can be installed in as many multiples as you like.

Hinged Booms

One of our most popular products, Sportsafe’s Hinged Booms is a perfect fit for sports halls and centres with a high roof space. Easily wheeled into position on non-marking tires and with fantastic stability.

Thanks to simple wall-mounted straining wires, Hinged Booms are as diverse as they are popular. The steel top is braced to ensure maximum stability for your users.

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Spectrum Frames

If your focus is on junior gymnastics, Spectrum Frames are your starting point and one of Sportsafe’s most popular products. Perfect for small areas, the Y Hinged Frames save space, allowing sports halls and their users to make the most of what’s available to them.

All three sections can be used at the same time, maximizing your users’ movement and fitness. And the unit can easily be open, closed, and stored against a wall to take up minimal space.

Double & Single Frames

Sportsafe specializes in offering a wide variety of choices for our customers and our Double and Single Frames are no different. Permanently connected and with exceptional stability, our Double Frames can attach to rope ladders and climbing ropes to fit with your users’ imagination and skills.

The simplest units Sportsafe offers, Single Hinged Frames are excellent value, offering our customers an affordable option with maximum fun. Perfect for practising climbing and a range of activities and movements, Single Frames keep youngsters entertained again and again.

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Featured Case Study

Climbing Island & Frame – Aberdeenshire

Westfield School have an active bunch of students and wanted to put their energy to good use with a climbing installation. We are really proud of the work we completed bringing this installation to life for Westfield School.

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Our Climbing Frames

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Climbing Frames

Kaleidoscope Frame

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Climbing Frames

Rainbow Trio Frame

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