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Basketball is a particularly hot topic this year here at Sportsafe as we are proud to have two of our engineers supporting the Schelde Sports technical team in Jakarta to install and service equipment for the FIBA Basketball World Cup! Read More

Our experience and expertise in Basketball is longstanding with Sportsafe Basketball installations and services already provided in the UK including electric scoreboards, bespoke roof-mounted and wall-mounted match goals, practice goal sets, new and refurbished sports hall flooring, games line provision, multiple-game division netting design, roof protection nets, and safety maintenance, inspection and repair.

You can also see from this Basketball product page that, whatever your level of play, we have every piece of quality equipment and support to help you to enjoy and excel at this superb game.

Here at Sportsafe, we feel that even the history of Basketball comes with a unique and inspirational backstory, after being started by the influential James Naismith

In the beginning, the goal was to create a game that was simple to understand but complex enough to be interesting; playable indoors; able to accommodate several players at once; provided plenty of exercise for the students but without the risk of severe injuries if played in a confined space. It grew to become the multi-billion pound global team game, Basketball, used as a demonstration activity in the 1904 Olympics and elevated to a fully-recognised Olympic sport by 1936.

What is more, it is now also a team sport that is becoming increasingly inclusive with a strong focus on ‘wanting to give everyone the opportunity to discover and enjoy Basketball…by developing a community and club-based programme – Hoopz Basketball.’

So, take a look at all the products we have available to boost your existing equipment range or to start a new, rewarding activity in your school, sports centre or community base. If you need any extra advice or support, we would love to help on our live chat, or 0333 300 0032.

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Basketball Balls

Baden Zone Basketball

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