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It’s here! The Teq table is taking the world by storm and Sportsafe is thrilled to have become an official UK supplier of this innovative, challenging and fun piece of equipment. Read More

The Teq table is the catalytic central focus for professional athletes and amateur enthusiasts who want to develop their technical skills in specific sports such as Table Tennis, Football and Volleyball – or introduce a whole new dimension for extra concentration, stamina, teamwork and social interaction.

As you can see, the Teq tables are works of art in their own right. Beautifully-crafted and visually-captivating around the main feature of the curved surface…any school, leisure centre or sports facility cannot help but be improved by the presence of one of these tables.

But the Teq table is so much more than just a pretty face. With one of these on site, your most advanced athletes can push their skills through Teqball, Teqvoly, Quatch, Teqis, Teqpong or their parasport equivalents. Your more recreational, leisure players will also enjoy the fun of working out how to conquer the curve and the interaction of mastering the bounce!

The Teq table means that your teams and players need much less space than a Volleyball court or Football pitch, without losing any of the teamwork or technical skills. It also makes all games totally gender-inclusive and able to be played by all. You just need the Teq table and the relevant ball and, suddenly, everyone can play, to any level.

Every Teq table meets strict standards of quality and durability, is designed to be disabled-friendly, and is UV and waterproof.

What are you waiting for?! Time to get Teq.

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Sports Equipment

TEQ Ball

£39.15£105.49 ex VAT £46.98 inc VAT

Sports Equipment

TEQ Lite Table

£1,738.38 ex VAT £2,086.06 inc VAT

Sports Equipment

TEQ One Table

£3,276.85 ex VAT £3,932.22 inc VAT

Sports Equipment

TEQ Smart Table

£3,584.54 ex VAT £4,301.45 inc VAT
£3,276.85 ex VAT £3,932.22 inc VAT