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As football is the most watched and played sport on Earth, being played by an estimated 240 million people regularly, why not check out our wide range of popular football products, available on our online shop. Read More

After being invented in China in 476 B.C, we still see the importance of football today to all our customers, whether they are a school, business, club or at home customer, and always ensure we have a wide variety of equipment to satisfy their football needs.

Make sure to look into what would be best for your facility, would it be a football goal fixed to the ground, a portable outdoor football goal, a rollaway heavy-duty goal to be easily manoeuvred, or even a lightweight indoor 5-aside goal? Sportsafe has every option you may need, supporting everyone’s situation, so no one misses out!

Why not try one of our compact freestanding boot wipers, to keep your inside areas clean after a thrilling game of football has taken place with your high quality, and professional football equipment.

At Sportsafe, we make playing sports as enjoyable and easily accessible for everyone!
So, check out the range of football goals, balls, accessories and more, and enhance your sporty skills!


Kick Trainer

£7.74 ex VAT £9.29 inc VAT
£38.75 ex VAT £46.50 inc VAT
£200.75 ex VAT £240.90 inc VAT
£9.68 ex VAT £11.62 inc VAT
£15.06£41.68 ex VAT £18.07 inc VAT
£394.60 ex VAT £473.52 inc VAT
£58.14 ex VAT £69.77 inc VAT
£812.31£827.69 ex VAT £974.77 inc VAT


Plastic Whistle

£2.06 ex VAT £2.47 inc VAT

Football Accessories

2in1 Agility Ladder

£34.60 ex VAT £41.52 inc VAT
£15.22 ex VAT £18.26 inc VAT
£429.22 ex VAT £515.06 inc VAT