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With our commitment to supporting the next generation at the core of everything we do and 25 years’ worth of experience in the sports, fitness and health industry behind us, you can rely on us for the very best PE equipment. Read More

Whatever your requirements, we have a comprehensive range of Sportsafe-approved PE equipment – from small, single items to large, complex activity systems – to suit every sports hall and every sports and fitness lesson.

Browse this page for ideas to inspire and develop your pupils’ fine and gross motor skills, including hand-eye and bilateral coordination, core muscle control, balance and spatial awareness, whilst also encouraging their confidence, independence and teamwork.

Why not take a look at what is working well in other schools through ‘sort by popularity’ or find some excellent equipment choices for your school’s budget by selecting ‘sort by budget’. Now is your chance to boost your youngest’s catching confidence with Sticky Monster Mitts, whilst utilising team energy across a Tug of War Rope, and developing older pupils’ judgement skills on a Spectrum Double Climbing Frame.

You can buy everything, safe in the knowledge that, wherever your school is, Sportsafe is here to support you and to help you to make the most of your PE equipment, resources and space. We provide installation, inspection, servicing, maintenance and sales of sports and fitness equipment to more than 10,000 customers, from the Shetland Isles to the South Coast in the UK. Our customers include private schools, sports centres, care homes and more than 100 county councils as well as fire, police and NHS authorities.

We very much appreciate your custom and would be delighted to help if you have any further questions or need advice on the best PE equipment for your school.

Care Home Fitness

Lightweight Gymnastics Mats

£43.04£75.00 ex VAT £51.65 inc VAT
£42.50£76.25 ex VAT £51.00 inc VAT
£50.77£89.23 ex VAT £60.92 inc VAT

Care Home Fitness

Agility Gymnastics Mats

£50.00£207.69 ex VAT £60.00 inc VAT
£283.72£461.00 ex VAT £340.46 inc VAT
£89.00£135.92 ex VAT £106.80 inc VAT

Mat Trolleys

Vertical Mat Trolley

£214.23£307.69 ex VAT £257.08 inc VAT
£383.08 ex VAT £459.70 inc VAT
£86.20£130.22 ex VAT £103.44 inc VAT
£44.85£77.48 ex VAT £53.82 inc VAT
£235.38£272.31 ex VAT £282.46 inc VAT
£39.45 ex VAT £47.34 inc VAT