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Table Tennis was first created by David Foster in 1890 using a Cigar box as the paddle and a pile of books as the net, it’s sure to say the progress and development of this sport is immense, so why not level up your equipment? Read More

With 227 Table Tennis associations across the world, it is the perfect time to start your equipment collection, and perfect your skills. Start by selecting your desired Table, whether you like to play indoors or outdoors, we provide a variety of different table options to cater for all, schools, clubs, or home use, we have you covered.

Next, it’s time to choose your preferred accessories. A choice of top of the range Butterfly bats, balls and even Table covers, to ensure you protect and pro-long the lifetime of your equipment. The durable and reliable equipment we have to offer is top of the range, so take a look now!

We also have several Butterfly robots available; these can help you improve your skill and recreate real life game play for a single person, ideal for at home training.

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Sports Equipment

Pimpled Out Bat

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