Lilliput Playtown Six

Our Lilliput Playtown Six is specifically designed for the younger child, these eye-catching six towers will provide hours of playground fun. The Polyethylene panels come in green, red, blue, or yellow, created to appeal to children. This ultimate Playtown system’s towers are perfect for challenging and encouraging young children, allowing them to develop their adventurous side.

Using a sturdy galvanized steel frame, along with a roof and slip-resistant laminate platform. It’s finished off with tamper-proof fastenings.

If you prefer a more colourful option for your playground, then our Lilliput range is also available with green, red, blue, and yellow polythene panels.

Length: 11850mm
Width: 7650mm
Free Fall Height: 600mm
Minimum Safety Surface Area: 90.65m²

Key Features:

  • Six roofed towers
  • Slip resistant ramp
  • Steel core rope pull
  • Stainless steel ramp
  • Clatterbridge with steel core rope hand holds
  • Steel core rope bridge
  • Steel core rope traverse
  • Rock traverse
  • Steel core rope net scramble
  • Crawling tube with a slip resistant floor
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