The in-ground basketball hoop is an excellent permanent basketball hoop for schools or clubs.

An in-ground basketball hoop is a definite upgrade on any portable basketball unit, giving you the stability for dunking and the convenience of not having to wheel it out every time you want to play. Installed directly into the ground and secured with concrete, the in-ground basketball hoop is an excellent permanent basketball hoop for schools or clubs.

Because in-ground basketball hoops use higher quality materials, our basketball goals offer industry-leading warranties. As with any basketball hoop, an in-ground option’s quality largely comes from the pole. A sturdy base is key because it takes a lot of load within the system.

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In Ground Basketball Hoop
In-ground Basketball Hoop

What are the Benefits of having an in-ground basketball hoop installed?

The three main differences between a portable goal and an in-ground goal are safety, durability, and mobility. Because a portable hoop isn’t installed into the ground with concrete or an anchor kit, there is a risk the unit will tip or fall over with aggressive play.

Advantages of an In-Ground Basketball Hoop:

  • Backed by a much longer warranty because of the higher quality materials.
  • In-ground goals will stand firm during aggressive play, high winds, extreme weather, and more keeping the rim and backboard undamaged.
  • Can be used for dunking, higher quality of play without the worry of the unit falling and hurting someone making these safer.
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