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So, you’ve got a fitness ambition and you know what you want to work on. You are focussed and ready. You do not want to be running around the gym trying to find the right equipment to suit your fitness goal. Step forward… the Fitness Bundle! Read More

Whether you are a school looking to give your students the full fitness experience within timetable or a commercial gym wanting to give your clients the best strength building opportunities – we have the Fitness Bundle for you.

Not only do they make a gym routine more efficient and space-saving but they provide the satisfaction of working a variety of muscle groups and skills within one area. Careful selection could also be a very economical way of providing the full workout for your clients.  It’s a whole bundle of fun!

£58,831.98 ex VAT £70,598.38 inc VAT

Fitness Bundles

Freeweights Bundle

£8,916.18 ex VAT £10,699.42 inc VAT

Fitness Bundles

Strength Bundle

£11,689.78 ex VAT £14,027.74 inc VAT
£32,608.02 ex VAT £39,129.62 inc VAT