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New Camp Football Table

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The New Camp Football Table has been created using Multi-Layered Poplar to give the table great strength and solidity, with the use of 90 x 90 square aluminium legs to give the table great stability and to ensure a perfectly flat playing surface.

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Multi-Layered Poplar Reinforced in Laminate

Playing Surface:

5mm Tempered Glass Playing Field

Table Legs:

Square Aluminium – 90 x 90mm

Table Feet:


Table Rod’s:

Telescopic Diam, 18mm

Rod Handles:

Expert. 18mm


Red and Green with Red / Blue figures



Playing Dimensions:

110cm x 134cm x 90cm

Packaged Dimensions:

138cm x 80cm x 29cm

New Camp Football Table

Introducing the New Camp Football Table, a game-changer in the world of foosball! Crafted with precision and built to last, this table boasts a construction of multi-layered poplar reinforced in laminate, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Prepare to experience the ultimate gameplay on the 5mm tempered glass playing surface. The smooth and sturdy glass provides an optimal ball glide, allowing for precise shots and exhilarating matches. Get ready to showcase your skills and outmaneuver your opponents with ease.

The table’s square aluminum legs, measuring 90 x 90mm, offer unbeatable stability and support. Designed for intense gameplay, these robust legs eliminate any wobbling or imbalance, providing a solid foundation for your thrilling matches. You can focus solely on your strategies and moves, without any distractions.

Featuring fixed feet, the New Camp Football Table ensures a secure and stationary playing experience. Say goodbye to unnecessary movement or sliding during the game. With these sturdy feet, you can engage in fast-paced action with confidence, knowing that your table will stay firmly in place.

Equipped with telescopic 18mm diameter rods, this table offers precise control and swift maneuverability. The expertly designed rod handles, also measuring 18mm in diameter, provide a comfortable grip, allowing you to execute your shots with precision and finesse. Dominate the game and outperform your opponents with every move.

Visually striking

The New Camp Football Table is visually striking with its vibrant red and green color scheme. The combination of these colors, along with the red/blue figures, adds a touch of excitement and energy to your gameplay. It’s not just a foosball table; it’s a statement piece that enhances any game room or recreational space.

Embrace the thrill of competitive foosball and create unforgettable moments with the New Camp Football Table. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this table offers endless hours of entertainment and fun for players of all skill levels. Elevate your gaming experience, gather your friends and family, and embark on a foosball adventure like never before.

Invest in the New Camp Football Table and make a bold statement with your passion for foosball. With its exceptional construction, superior features, and vibrant design, this table is a must-have addition to any game room or entertainment space. Get ready to unleash your skills, ignite friendly competitions, and enjoy countless thrilling matches with this extraordinary piece of gaming equipment.


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