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Pro Winner Football Table

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The ‘Pro Winner’ football table is defined as the Professional Football Table, due to this being the top of the Freeplay range of Football Tables. Created as a Highly Resistant single block structure designed for Professional Players who intend to train at home or organise exciting competitions.

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Multi-layered poplar covered with MDF 25mm

Playing Surface:

Sand blasted tempered glass (dims: 111 x 70 cm)

Table Legs:

Square varnished iron 90×90, with crossbar

Table Feet:

Adjustable Champion feet with suction cup

Table Rod’s:

Telescopic diam. 18mm

Table Handles:

Professional Diam. 18mm


Black with champion white / black figures



Playing Dimensions:

110cm x 134cm x 92cm

Packaging Dimensions:

138cm x 80cm x 31cm

Pro Winner Football Table

The Pro Winner Football Table is an exceptional choice for football enthusiasts looking for a top-quality foosball table that combines durability, precision, and exciting gameplay. With its premium construction and professional features, this table delivers an unparalleled foosball experience.

The table’s construction is a testament to its longevity and stability. It is meticulously crafted using multi-layered poplar, which is then covered with a 25mm thick MDF board. This combination ensures the table’s structural integrity, allowing it to withstand intense gameplay for years to come.

Designed for optimal playability, the Pro Winner features a sand blasted tempered glass playing surface measuring 111 x 70 cm. This smooth and resilient surface provides excellent ball control and enhances the overall gameplay experience. You’ll feel the thrill of every pass, shot, and goal on this exceptional playing field.

To further enhance stability and support, the table is equipped with square varnished iron legs measuring 90×90, accompanied by a crossbar. These sturdy legs provide a solid foundation, allowing for intense matches without any compromise in stability. The adjustable Champion feet with suction cups ensure the table remains firmly in place during gameplay. Even during the most vigorous matches.

Precision and control

The table’s rods play a crucial role in delivering precision and control. The Pro Winner boasts telescopic rods with a diameter of 18mm, allowing for seamless and smooth player manipulation. With these rods, you’ll experience precise passes, accurate shots, and skillful maneuvers, adding depth and strategy to your gameplay.

The professional-grade table handles with a diameter of 18mm provide a comfortable grip and excellent control. Enabling players to execute swift movements and make precise shots with ease. The combination of the high-quality rods and handles ensures that every move on the table feels natural and responsive.

In terms of aesthetics, the Pro Winner Football Table features a sleek black design with champion white and black figures. This classic color scheme adds a touch of elegance to any gaming room or entertainment area, elevating the overall ambiance while reflecting the table’s professional qualities.

Whether you’re a casual player or a passionate foosball enthusiast, the Pro Winner Football Table guarantees endless hours of exhilarating gameplay. Its exceptional construction, premium features, and attention to detail make it a standout choice for both recreational play and competitive matches. Invest in the Pro Winner Football Table and elevate your foosball experience to new heights of excitement and enjoyment.


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