We have put together a fitness suite health and safety checklist to help you plan the layout of a fitness room for your students or staff:

Sufficient space should be available between and behind items of equipment to enable a group of users to easily and safely access different machines and position themselves correctly.

  • All cardiovascular (CV) machines, fixed-resistance machines and other specialist equipment should be checked regularly.
  • The room should be of consistent temperature. Sport England recommends an air temperature of 12-18°C with adequate ventilation where heat gains are likely.
  • The layout should allow clear visual supervision across the room.
  • Too much equipment packed into a fitness room can be a potential safety hazard and also result in the space being ineffective as a learning environment.
  • Where possible, a fitness suite should have some floor space available for mats to be placed for floor exercises, weights, exercise balls and resistance bands to be used, and students to sit while being addressed as a whole group.
  • Fitness rooms should always be locked when not in use, to prevent unauthorised access to potentially dangerous equipment.

Sportsafe offers a wide range of fitness solutions for any environment, from single items to suites. With vast experience in the sports equipment industry we will work with you in creating the perfect solution for your space, need and budget.

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