For too long, schools have been wasting hard-earned time and cash by calling out two companies to take care of their indoor and outdoor facilities. Not only does it leave customers spending time they don’t have on extra paperwork and reports but it also sees them spending more money than they should. It’s why Sportsafe is now able to combine your indoor and outdoor inspections and pass the savings directly on to you!

Did you know, that choosing Sportsafe will;

  • Save primary schools up to £150* and secondaries up to £350*
  • Save you time by Sportsafe quoting for and carrying out any remedial work identified during inspections
  • Ensure any remedial work is carried out quickly and correctly without any loss of clarity by letting another company carry out the work
  • Reduce your and our carbon footprint by cutting down on the number of call-outs
  • Save on costly call-out charges and unnecessary paperwork

Combine your indoor and outdoor inspection with Sportsafe today. We can’t wait to start saving you time and money.

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*Data based on a combination of anecdotal reports from school Business Managers confirmed by independent web research (precise savings may vary within the UK and depends on each school’s existing suppliers for indoor and outdoor inspections and the number of areas inspected).

Accurate at the time of publication only.