Every school has some physical education and sports equipment, and all items need to be stored safely and securely to prevent accidents and prolong their life. We have put together a PESSPA equipment storage checklist to help you keep your students and staff safe.

    1. Has the storage of equipment been discussed with all staff members who require access to it, so they are all aware of what equipment is stored where and why?
    2. Are all storage areas kept tidy to minimise the potential for tripping and to allow safe access for students to pick up, move and place the equipment they are using?
    3. Where equipment is stored above reach height, have appropriate steps, ladders or platforms been provided to access the equipment safely?
    4. Are heavy items stored at waist height to minimise the likelihood of back injury through lifting a heavy weight from the floor or dropping the heavy item onto feet if over-reaching above?
    5. Do storage areas have sufficient size so as not to create hazards? Is access as wide as possible to prevent “bottlenecks”? Where a separate fire-rated mat store is available, is it used? Where mats are stored with other equipment, are they kept well away from heating sources and electrical circuits to minimise the possibility of fire causing toxic fumes?
    6. Where equipment is stored around the perimeter of an indoor facility, is it positioned safely to minimise encroachment on the work area, and placed, if possible, close to where is generally used, to minimise carrying distances?
    7. If any storage areas are located outdoors, are they secured to prevent unauthorised access to potentially dangerous items? Are the outdoor storage areas located in an easily accessible place and have wide enough access to allow large groups of students to take out and return equipment? Is the location of the storage area free from mildew, which could make surfaces slippery underfoot?