Trampolines need to be positioned well away from any overhead obstruction such as hanging beams or lights. Governing body of sports recommendations state that an overhead clearance of at least five meters from the floor to the lowest handing object is required for non-somersault trampolining, i.e. low-level shaped jumps and body landings, and eight meters where somersaults or other rotational skills are being taught.

Before allowing a trampoline to be used, you should check that:

  • all leg braces have been properly fitted, and hinge units securely housed
  • all adjustments are tight
  • the hooks of the springs/rubber cables are properly attached, with the hooks pointing down
  • the springs/cables are all in good condition
  • the safety pads are fitted and entirely cover the springs/cables
  • Allen screws are tight (if present) the bed is clean and free from any damage
  • all coverall pads are in good condition and in place to cover the frame surround.

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