Trim Trails are the perfect way to get children outside and exercising with a clear focus on fun. Exploring the surrounding environment becomes an exciting new challenge as they tackle the series of playground equipment, helping them build confidence and ability. See below for five ways your pupils will benefit from using a trim trail.

ONE: Develops fundamental movement skills

Fundamental movement skills are considered to be the building blocks for movement and are therefore essential to any child’s development. Trim trail items such as our Ramp Jump, Climbing Wall and Rope Bridge are ideal for this as they allow children to focus and develop one main type of movement per one piece of trim item, whether that be jumping, climbing or traversing respectively.

TWO: Builds self-esteem and confidence

Challenging, age-appropriate, play is ideal for building confidence in the playground. Whether that be crossing our Wobble Board for EYFS, swinging on our Chin-Up Bars for KS1 or swinging across our tricky Overhead Ladder for KS2 pupils, our Trim Trail range has something that will push children of all ages to move outside their comfort zone and build on their self-esteem as a result.

THREE: Improves spatial awareness and coordination

A point we think often gets overlooked, trim trail play equipment is a great way of helping children to improve their spatial awareness and coordination. It allows children to become more aware of their own bodies as well as the world around them. Whether it’s crawling through our Mound Tunnel, traversing across our tricky Tyre Crossing or swinging between our Tarzan Traverse, children will love tackling these tricky play activities solo or with peers.

FOUR: Increase resilience

As the saying goes “If at first, you don’t succeed try, try and try again”. Increasing a child’s resilience may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of trim trails, but here at Sportsafe, we believe this is a key benefit of incorporating our timber trim trail items into your play area. We always encourage risk-taking and challenging play elements to be incorporated into our playgrounds as we truly believe this is what helps a child to develop, both physically as well as mentally. Why not add difficult pieces, such as our Vertical Twisted Net, Leapfrog Posts or Balance Slalom, to really put your children’s skills to the test!

FIVE: Improves strength and fitness levels

It’s no secret that trim trails are a fantastic way to encourage physical play outside! Popular pieces such as our A-Frame Double Net, Sit-ups and Treadmill are great for providing classic play features whilst allowing children to build on their fitness levels and encourage an active lifestyle. By building your own trim trail from individual items, you can custom design your circuit to meet your individual needs, area size and budget, as well as to suit your fitness goals.