Timber Trail 4

Our Timber Trail 4 offers a real test and a great way for children to safely get fit and have fun at the same time. It has been designed to bring a variety of obstacles for children to be challenged by and overcome.

Important note
Rope Tunnel, Climb Ladder and Tarzan Ring Beam have a free fall height greater than 600mm. To comply with EN 1176 please space these items correctly so there are no hard objects in the falling space.

Length: 25500mm
Width: 1100mm
Free Fall Height: 600mm
Minimum Safety Surface Area: 27.50m²

Key Features:

  • Tightrope Crossing
  • Rope Tunnel
  • 200mm Stepping Logs
  • Balance Walk
  • Traverse Weave Combo
  • Climb Ladder
  • Tarzan Ring Beam
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