Yukon Trail

Our Yukon Trail offers a real test and a great way for children to safely get fit and have fun at the same time. Items in the range have been designed to complement your existing equipment to assist in compliance with Ofsted’s requirements for physical education. It has been designed to bring a variety of obstacles for children to be challenged by and overcome. Alternatively, you can use our set trails as an example to help develop your Trail.

All of our timbers are pressure treated with a chrome-free and arsenic-free preservative which protects against decay and insect attacks for 20 years. Our ropes and nets are polypropylene covered multi-filament steel core rope secured with hydraulically pressed end connections and custom made tamper-proof net joints.

Length: 29025mm
Width: 4200mm
Height: 1100mm
Free Fall Height: 1100mm
Minimum Safety Surface Area: 111.95m²

Key Features:

  • Jelly Board
  • Treadmill
  • Tyre Crossing
  • Stepping Logs
  • Log Bridge
  • Stilts
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