So you’ve had the ideal sports, play or fitness equipment for your students designed, delivered and installed by the Sportsafe team and all is going well – but our commitment to you and the welfare of your pupils does not stop there.

It is essential that this quality equipment is maintained to Sportsafe’s high standards to ensure the continued safety of users. In a busy environment such as your school, is all too easy to let sports equipment become ‘part of the furniture’, used in all sorts of ways that it was not primarily designed or in ways that are not conducive to safe activities. For example, it is not unusual for our engineers to find drawing pins in climbing frames that have been used as display boards! Aside from this, with intense, daily use by active children, even the most robust materials may need repair or replacement as time passes.

This is why we at Sportsafe stay in touch with our clients to ensure that you have access to our support, advice and bespoke repairs whenever needed and that you have a regular maintenance programme in place.

Our specialist, experienced, professional engineers know exactly how to attend your premises discreetly to provide a thorough inspection of every inch of your sports and activity equipment: the materials, the fixings, and the surrounding environment.

We work with you to find a time that will not interfere with your lesson schedules but enable us to complete our inspections to the highest standards. As our engineers inspect, they will note equipment that meets all criteria and record which pieces need repair or replacement. Any aspect of the equipment that does not meet our safety standards will be clearly marked so there is no risk of it being used any further and a full report is immediately provided to advise on the condition and the best action to take. The Sportsafe team will also be in touch to arrange fast repairs or replacement to suit your convenience so that your teaching and learning is disrupted as little as possible.

As well as this personal and immediate onsite service, you are always welcome to contact our friendly team Mon-Fri from 8:30 am to 5 pm for advice. Furthermore, HERE are some ideas on how to keep an eye on your equipment yourself on a daily basis. It’s a team effort!