Wriggle, wriggle, hop, skip, wriggle, wriggle, jump – the endless energy of primary pupils has found the perfect outlet on Sportsafe’s fantastic Daily Mile Track at Rainham Village Primary School, with the added positive outcome of helping to make indoor lesson times more focussed, calm and enjoyable.

“We are delighted with the inclusive Daily Mile Track installed by Sportsafe, which can be used all year round,” says Alfie Sears, PE Coordinator at Rainham Village Primary. “It has helped us to improve the physical activity of our pupils. Running or walking a mile is usually the highlight of their school day.”

Rainham Village Primary has a proactive ethos towards physical activity and health, always wanting to be at the forefront of any new activities. The school is proud of its sporting success and commitment to supporting all its pupils to develop their motor skills and sporting prowess. Every child takes part in two hours of quality P.E. each week as well as additional activities – such as swimming and the ‘Daily Mile’ on the bespoke track designed, supplied and installed by Sportsafe.

“The Daily Mile Track around the Rainham Village playing field was created to measure exactly 467 linear metres in length and 1.2 metres in width, to fit the space available perfectly,” says Keith Parker. “Sportsafe expert engineers excavated and disposed off-site the existing grass surface before installing the specially-selected timber edging, giving the gravel to dust surface a secure foundation for maximum wear and longevity.”

The fitness and enthusiasm for outdoor exercise the Rainham Village pupils have discovered thanks to the Sportsafe ‘Daily Mile Track’ has made a positive impact on the wider community too. When Mr Sears initiated a Mini London Marathon in support of the charity ‘Women and Children First (UK)’, he was delighted to report that ‘All of the children showed resilience, determination and perseverance in completing 2.6 miles…incredibly proud of what they have achieved.”

Daily Mile Benefits

The Daily Mile is designed to develop student fitness levels and inspire students to be active, with the aim of improving their physical, emotional and social health and well-being. It has a simple approach to help students get fit by running/walking or a combination of both for 15 minutes a day in school. (This 15 minutes includes all time from leaving the classroom until returning.)

Increasing the amount of outdoor activity for children can be a tough task for schools. Great for budgets and needing only low maintenance, Daily Mile tracks are a fantastic way to get your pupils outdoors and have the following benefits.

  • Increased fitness and activity.
  • A daily activity, which challenges youngsters against themselves and their friends.
  • Can be installed across existing scenery.
  • Minimal installation costs and maintenance.
  • Fun! Children want to take part while socialising with friends.
Sportsafe Daily Mile Tracks