Injury from falls is increased where inadequate safety surfaces are installed, or technique is poor. Both rubber crumb and dense foam products are available to help reduce the severity of injury from such falls.

For low traverse walls outside, where the fall height is less than 600mm, a safety surface may not be required. However, some schools identify a need for such a surface in their risk assessment even where the fall height is below this level.

For bouldering walls, a minimum depth of 300mm of matting should be installed where a maximum climbing height of 4.5 metres is possible.

For climbing and bouldering walls located outdoors, consideration needs to be given to providing slip-resistant flooring, and a surface that is frost-proof and water-permeable to prevent surface water presenting hazards.

All walls built to the specifications of standards EN 12572:1 and 2 should have appropriate impact flooring that is fit for purpose, but beyond this, set depths are not specified.

Wetpour surfacing is perfect for claiming and bouldering walls. We use only the best quality raw materials and alongside our installation expertise, this gives our customers the satisfying knowledge that they are receiving a quality safety surface, from which they will have trouble-free use for many years.