What self-respecting child wouldn’t rather get up and measure the circumference of an actual tree, the height of a real flower or the weight of some pick-up-able pebbles instead of looking at examples in a book inside and dealing with dry data?

It’s so much more fun to work out the length of the playground using a toilet roll tube as an arbitrary measure or investigate the propulsion of a pendulum with your friend on a swing, than it is to limit your interest to an indoor desktop.  After all, if it’s so good to play outside…

No matter what the weather brings, playing outside is good for kids. There is scientific evidence that playing outside improves health, and children of all ages love it…Children play harder outdoors than indoors and they need daily opportunities to do so. More outdoor time is linked with improved motor development and lower obesity rates and myopia (near sightedness) risk. Safely getting some sun also helps us make vitamin D that our bodies need to stay healthy and strong.’

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Ok so the variations in, and unpredictability of, the British climate give it a bit of a reputation for ruining sports days, raining on someone’s parade, and making contingency planning part of all outdoor events. Creative play outside is one thing – mackintoshes and wellies can make rain and puddles part of the game – but stormy days usually aren’t great for academic focus.

However, we are made of stern stuff and where there is an obstacle, there is always a challenge and potential solution…


A purpose built outdoor classroom!

A well-designed outdoor classroom made from sustainably sourced timber is not only a visually appealing asset to any school grounds but a whole extra room for breaktime activities and a proper, flexible space for all types of learning, all week long. 

With a professionally constructed outdoor classroom (built after consultation and analysis of your school’s specific needs) Science lessons integrate with the environment, Drama energises by the freedom to move, Maths inspires through interaction, and English can thrive in performance.

Whether your class needs shade from the sun, shelter from the wind or protection from the rain, it is just so much more fun – and natural – to be learning outside.   Furthermore, when the elements are behaving, the classroom can instantly expand into the full outdoors.  

How amazing for teachers to be able to gather pupils for core learning within the structure but then release them into the outdoor space to discuss ideas, groupwork or independent thinking.   With more than one outdoor classroom available, cross curricular or multi Year group activity opportunities also arise which significantly boost the sense of the school as a whole community.

What is more, a professionally designed, manufactured and installed outdoor classroom which is pressure treated with a chrome-free and arsenic-free preservative means there is no risk of decay or insect attack for 20 years – plenty of time to teach the children of the children!

However, if a bespoke, permanent outdoor classroom is beyond your current ambitions, canopies and sail shades are a quick, attractive and adjustable way to create an effective and inspirational outdoor learning space.

Cleverly designed, manageable systems of poles supporting sailcloth, with reinforced webbing and interlocked double-stitched seams, create colourful, inviting, protected spaces for play and lessons.

With this range of outdoor options available, it does seem a bit crazy to stay fixed in the routine of only learning in restricted indoor spaces.   Get the cover and get outside!

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