Trampolines suitable for use in schools vary in size, and in the thickness of the bed webbing.

The potential for higher performance is increased the larger the trampoline, and the narrower the bed webbing. The bed webbing options are 4mm or 6mm (higher performance), 13mm or 25mm (standard performance). It is the combination of the two aspects that determines the suitability of the trampoline for the level of performance required. Based on this, a high-performance trampoline for competition purposes would be the Sportsafe Club & High-Level Competition Trampoline.

When choosing a trampoline, schools need to consider all the potential users.

If a trampoline has shared use with a community club, it makes sense to address the needs of both. While a 77A series trampoline with a 25mm or 13mm bed may be suitable for school use, this may not be adequate for the needs of a club. It is recommended that schools always consider the highest performance level of potential use as it is possible for students in a physical education lesson to safely work on a higher performance trampoline, but not advisable for a higher performer to work on one with lower specification.

For the reasons outlined above, Sportsafe School, Club & Competition Trampoline with a 13mm bed is a popular choice in schools. It is suitable for secondary-age students who may achieve a high-performance level. Where shared use is not a concern, or where storage space is limited, the 77A series with a 13mm bed may be more suitable as its frame is smaller, but it is still adequate for secondary students.

Where the trampoline is used with younger students or for rebound therapy, the 77A series with a 25mm bed is a type commonly used.

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