Fact 1: Your expensive Sports Hall flooring is specifically designed, manufactured and installed for sports use.

“Never!… You don’t say!… Nothing like stating the obvious!” We hear you cry.

So here are a few more facts that may not be so obvious:

Fact 2:  Standard atmospheric pressure is about 14.7 pounds per square inch. (www.nationalgeographic.org)

Fact 3: Pressure is Force divided by Area. (www.highheelsdaily.com)

Fact 3: The high heel can exert more than 15 times the pressure of an elephant’s foot. This is approximately 40 atmospheric pressures. (The Physics Factbook; www.hypertextbook.com Jack Green)

Fact 4: A high heel shoe can cause pressure of 3,250,000 Pa on a floor as the person stands.  A four-ton elephant, standing on one foot will cause a pressure of 250,000 Pa under that foot. (www.h2g2.com)

Fact 5: Wooden floors are particularly prone to damage by stiletto heels digging into them and leaving indentations. (www.highheelsdaily.com)

Fact 6: No floor is immune to scratches, scuffs and scrapes… It is more difficult to remedy the problem after damage occurs… exposed metal or wood, worn down glides or dirt-filled felt pads. These abrasive textures come in contact with the smooth floor and continuously abrade the hard surface until it shows signs of wear and numerous visible scratches. (www.floorconsult.com)

But sports halls are such useful spaces, not just for sports but also for fairs, open days, rainy day play areas, parents’ evenings, exam sessions etc so you can’t stop using them in these ways.

Fortunately, Sportsafe has the solution!


Drugget/Giant Protective Floor Tile over Floor = Safe, Well-Preserved, Long-Life Sports Hall Floor.

Manufactured to suit any size sports hall, our Drugget Sports Hall Floor Covering is a proven, traditional way to protect your sports hall flooring during exams and other non-sporting events.

Our Sports Hall Protective Floor Tiles enable you to make full use of your sports hall space for non-sporting events without the risk of damage to the surface or markings.  Now you can keep your sports hall floor in pristine condition without having to worry about the impact of everyday footwear, furniture and general traffic.

Our Trolley for Protective Floor Tiles prolongs the life of your tiles and enables easy access by providing a simple, neat, safe storage and transportation solution.