The Daily Mile is designed to develop student fitness levels and inspire students to be active, with the aim of improving their physical, emotional and social health and well-being. It has a simple approach to help students get fit by running/walking or a combination of both for 15 minutes a day in school. (This 15 minutes includes all time from leaving the classroom until returning.)

Daily Mile Benefits

Increasing the amount of outdoor activity for children can be a tough task for schools. Great for budgets and needing only low maintenance, Daily Mile tracks are a fantastic way to get your pupils outdoors and have the following benefits.

  • Increased fitness and activity.
  • A daily activity, which challenges youngsters against themselves and their friends.
  • Can be installed across existing scenery.
  • Minimal installation costs and maintenance.
  • Fun! Children want to take part while socialising with friends.

Daily Mile Footwear

Training shoes are recommended by the Daily Mile website as ideal for the activity, along with the use of a firm, mud-free surface. Schools are advised to cancel the Daily Mile on days when there is heavy rain or it is icy underfoot. A further suggestion for schools is that if a student has unsuitable footwear for running, they should take part and walk the route, as if they were walking to school. The website also recommends appropriate clothing for the weather, particularly wearing coats if it is wet or cold. As with any activity, footwear and clothing must be considered and be deemed appropriate. All participants (including staff) should wear clothing and footwear that are fit for purpose. The wearing of blazers, suits and ties, and slippery and toeless school shoes is not conducive to safe practice.

Daily Mile Risk Assessment

Whatever route is used for the Daily Mile, a risk assessment process should be applied. The website – – provides a generic risk assessment that schools may find useful as a starting point.

Daily Mile Tracks

Thanks to our expertise, Sportsafe engineers can even offer you bespoke Daily Mile tracks. From colourful footprints and markers showing the way, to tracks extending over tarmac and turf, you can truly make your Daily Mile track your own. Get in touch with our expert Sales Team to discuss your needs and see how we can help you.

Sportsafe Daily Mile Tracks