Here’s 60 minutes! What will you do with it?

Maybe do the ironing, call a friend, bake a cake, read a magazine, have a nap, go shopping or plan a holiday…Whatever you choose, time is a valuable commodity and a whole hour is not to be wasted! How about if you not only didn’t waste that gift of time…but actively turned it into something that could improve your life…even extend your life!

Exercise, be active, move and play!

If running, press-ups, swimming, cycling or Tennis are your thing – go for it!  They’re fun to do and excellent for your cardio health. You can cover quite a distance, clock up the numbers and hit multiple shots in 60 minutes.

However, don’t be put off by the gym bunnies if you would prefer to spend your 60 minutes slightly more sedately. A walk in the woods, stretches on the yoga mat, tidying the garden or rocking those dance steps are all just as valid.

The true value of this week’s National School Sports Week 2023 #PledgeToPlay lies in its focus on ‘play for fun, play for 60’.

Yes, as per government guidelines, the ideal would be for every child in the UK to participate in at least 30 minutes’ proper physical activity in school and 30 minutes’ outside school, every single day – but this is intended as a call to action not a drive to despair! There is so much you and your children can do to join in and reap the benefits without having to plan or push too much.

Competition adds that little bit of exercise and variety to liven life up

Even walking the last part of the journey to school, if you usually drive, or building a den in the garden or having a welly-throwing competition adds that little bit of exercise and variety to liven life up and improve both physical and mental well-being.

Evidence has shown that for children, this 60+ active minutes is great for both their physical and mental health. It leads to improvements in bone health, cognitive function, muscle fitness, weight status and reductions in levels of depression and anxiety. But most importantly, being active can be great fun! At the moment, only 47% of children in the UK meet current guidelines for 60 minutes of activity across the day.

Congratulations if you have helped you children to be inspired and active during this year’s National School Sports Week. As supporting the next generation is at the heart of everything we do, Sportsafe salutes your dedication to the health and happiness of our future! However, please do not stop there. Staying active is not just a tick box week, it’s a whole life’s work.