Sportsafe has built a vast network of offices, inspectors, and engineers across the UK. We guarantee that only our trusted inspectors and engineers will inspect and maintain your outdoor equipment – and reach you fast. Our engineers are never more than 90 minutes away!

Regular inspection and maintenance of your outdoor sports equipment and facilities is extremely important and helps to:

  • Optimise outdoor sports equipment availability
  • Prolong sports equipment life
  • Reduce risk of having to replace equipment
  • Minimise overall remedial repair/maintenance costs

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We offer thorough and in-depth inspections and maintenance of all your outdoor sports and play equipment.


    What’s included?

    • Woodwork Inspected.
    • Metalwork Inspected.
    • Protrusions – Inspection of all protrusions and sharp edges.
    • Chains/Swing seats – Inspection of connections for damage/exercise wear.
    • Foundations – Checked if secure and not loose.
    • Springs/Clamps – Inspected for damage or excessive wear.
    • Fixings & Connections – Inspected for damage, loosening, excessive wear, or corrosion.
    • Loose Fill Materials – Inspection of level for correct depth.