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Explore our extensive selection of high-quality gymnastics mats and safety mattresses, available in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit your needs. Sportsafe is your trusted source for top-notch British-made gym mats that feature flame-retardant covers and anti-slip bases as standard. Our crash mats and tumbling mats are specifically designed to provide a secure and supportive surface for practicing gymnastic routines and exercises.

£43.00£70.00 ex VAT £51.60 inc VAT
£42.50£72.86 ex VAT £51.00 inc VAT
£50.00£207.69 ex VAT £60.00 inc VAT
£50.77£84.62 ex VAT £60.92 inc VAT
£86.20£130.22 ex VAT £103.44 inc VAT
£89.00£135.92 ex VAT £106.80 inc VAT
£178.08 ex VAT £213.70 inc VAT
£96.23£229.78 ex VAT £115.48 inc VAT
£45.00£76.25 ex VAT £54.00 inc VAT
£47.50£75.00 ex VAT £57.00 inc VAT

Gym Accessories

Sure Shot Tri-Fold Mat

£46.28£55.98 ex VAT £55.54 inc VAT
£126.26£191.88 ex VAT £151.51 inc VAT

With Sportsafe, you can find the perfect gym mat that meets your requirements, whether you need a single mat for personal use or a complete set for your commercial facility. Our gymnastic mats are engineered to promote safe and correct techniques, making them ideal for educational and training environments. By incorporating Sportsafe gym mats into your training area, you can create a safe and comfortable space where gymnasts can confidently practice and perfect their skills while minimizing the risk of injury.

Browse our wide range of gym mats today and discover a variety of colours to suit your preferences. From vibrant options to subtle shades, our mats not only provide safety but also add visual appeal to your gymnastics facility. We understand the importance of creating an inviting environment that motivates gymnasts to excel in their training and performances.

Invest in the quality and reliability of Sportsafe gymnastic mats and witness the growth and development of gymnasts at all levels. Our tumbling mats and crash mats are designed to meet the needs of gymnastics enthusiasts, whether they are beginners or experienced athletes. Create a secure and comfortable space for gymnasts to thrive in their training journey with Sportsafe gym mats.

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