Rydal Center

The Rydal Activity Center will help improve climbing frame confidence and agility. Scramble up the net, climb the ladders and go down the slide or pole! Children will have lots of fun and improve their fitness testing out their skills and developing strength.

All of our timbers are pressure treated with a chrome-free and arsenic-free preservative which protects against decay and insect attack for 20 years. High specification, self-coloured, co-extruded polyethene panels. This material is extremely durable, will not fade in sunshine, is unaffected by moisture, will not delaminate.

Length: 7100mm
Width: 7500mm
Free Fall Height: 1500mm
Minimum Safety Surface Area: 35m²

Key Features:

  • Net Climber
  • Firefighters Pole
  • Vertical Log Climber
  • Rung Ladder
  • Slide
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