Linear Dee Climbing Frame Round

A great climbing frame to satisfy a child’s thrill for heights and the excitement of climbing with Sportsafe’s range of climbing frames. Linear Dee Climbing Frame (Round) has been specially designed to physically challenge children’s strength and agility through a combination of nets, tires, bridges, and agility bars.

Ideal for areas with limited space, creating several climbing challenges in a small area. Our round timber is sanded to produce a high-quality finish. It’s extra durable, long-lasting, and perfect for any well-loved outdoor space.

Length: 8200mm
Width: 7900mm
Free Fall Height: 1000mm
Minimum Safety Surface Area: 42.13m²

Key Features:

  • Net Crossing
  • Tyre Swing (fixed to ground) x2
  • Pull Up Bar x2
  • Log Climber
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