Jungle Climber with Curved Slide

Our Jungle Climber with Curved slide is part of our popular range of clamber stacks. This product is designed to provide kids with a challenge in the playground, including a Platform and Tubular Curved Slide, adding another dimension to the challenge and delight of the playground experience. These climbing frames are born out of children’s natural desire to climb trees using rounded timbers. Encouraging children to use their imagination for unstructured play and great fun all around.

The timbers are pressure treated with a chrome-free and arsenic-free preservative which protects against decay and insect attack for 20 years. Combining traversing and scaling exercises into one piece of equipment, creates the ideal playground addition to further encourage children to use and develop their upper, lower and core body strength, whilst also developing their confidence and social skills.

Length: 12000mm
Width: 7700mm
Free Fall Height: 1600mm
Minimum Safety Surface Area: 92.40m²

Key Features:

  • Cargo Net
  • Spiral Step Climber
  • Criss Cross Climber
  • Log Climber
  • Climbing Panel
  • Net with Climbing Blocks
  • 1.6m Platform
  • Ropes
  • Notched Ladders
  • Net Climber
  • 1.6m Tubular Curved Slide
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