Finance options available for your physical education, sports and fitness equipment needs from Sportsafe and Kennet Leasing

If you’re looking for a large amount of equipment, there’s no need to pay for everything in one go. With Sportsafe and Kennet Equipment Leasing, you can have the equipment you need as soon as it’s available – without the need to find large deposits.

Payments won’t change throughout the term of the agreement – meaning you can budget your cash flow effectively – without any nasty surprises. With over 30 years’ experience in the finance market, you’re in good hands with Kennet.

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The Benefits of Leasing

The benefits of leasing your equipment with Kennet include;

  • It’s available for equipment purchases – starting at £1,000 + VAT
  • Terms from 2-5 years
  • Pay monthly amounts that don’t change throughout the term of the lease
  • Have the best equipment, not just the cheapest
  • Save your cash and money in the bank for other things
  • Pay a deposit, instead of a hefty lump sum
  • Payments won’t change throughout the term of the lease, allowing you to budget
  • No need to use overdrafts or bank loans, which can prove costly
  • Existing credit facilities remain unaffected – easing pressure on your cashflow
  • Lease payments are tax-efficient*
  • Flexibility – upgrade, make additions or settle at any point during your agreement

Kennet – specialist finance providers

Specialists in School Equipment Finance

Over the last 30 years, Kennet has worked with all types of educational establishments, assisting them to procure the equipment they need. Whatever your budget, we have special finance packages for educational institutions.

Specialists in Business-to-Business Finance

Since 1990, Kennet has worked with UK SME’s to help them get the business equipment they need. Whether you’re kitting out a small gym or a large leisure complex – we can help.

Consumer Finance Available

If you’re looking to buy Sportsafe’s exciting range of fitness equipment for your home, please call Sportsafe on 0333 300 0032.

With access to over 25 banks and funding institutions, as well as our extensive own reserves that we use, Kennet will secure the best rates for you and ensure that your business can thrive with the best financial packages available on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Lease?

Leasing is probably the most popular method of financing new equipment today. Virtually any item of equipment can be leased.

No. Your monthly payment is fixed at the start of the lease and so are unaffected by interest rate rises. This enables you to budget your cash flow more accurately. As inflation rises, because your payments are fixed the cost of the equipment reduces in real terms.

How do I apply for finance?

Simply add the products you wish to purchase to your online shopping basket and proceed to checkout. The Finance Payment Option will appear when your total basket value is at least £1,000 + VAT. Then all you need to do is select the Finance Payment Option, fill out the application form and submit it. Once your finance has been approved by Kennet Leasing, which usually takes no more than 48 hours, we will fulfil your order.

Is leasing tax efficient?

Yes. Payments can be offset against any tax liabilities you may have. Your accountant will be able to give you more information on this.

How does leasing work in practice?

You normally only pay one monthly payment in advance with a lease agreement*; this enables you to choose the best equipment available with only a small initial cash outlay. You can therefore have the best equipment available with the latest technology with only a small initial outlay, and start to enjoy the extra income this generates before your next lease payment is due.

How do I make my payments?

All payments are mainly made by Direct Debit on the same date each month.

All finance is subject to terms and conditions and may also be dependent on satisfactory credit and personal checks. Finance is provided by Kennet Equipment Leasing Limited which is authorised as both a broker and a lender under the Financial Conduct Authority. FRN 676024.

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