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Port Seton Centre


Jan 20 – 2022

Job Type:

Installation of Division Curtain

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Port Seton Centre were Looking for a divider to create a fourth wall in a sports hall which was recently completed to create two distinct spaces. The centre didn’t have a track for the division curtain, meaning a bespoke solution would be needed for them.


Our engineers dove headfirst into this, designing and coming up with a bespoke solution for the sports centre. The perforated sheet is a structural element, but attaching items to it would require extended brackets or spreader plates. The radiant panel has been fixed in this manner and with some care, the curtain track could share the same timber plates which are mounted to the rear of the panel face.

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Port Seton Centre were very happy with the finished article – a bit of a different one as we had no room for bracketry. We had to install the division curtain using cables rather than a trackway, which was a bespoke solution that we had devised for them.

Customer Testimonial

“We are very pleased with the consultation service provided by Sportsafe and with the installation work done by Sportsafe Engineers who fitted the new division net in the sports hall, which will aid ball sports and sports groups.”

Emma Brown / Connected Communities Manager – Preston Seton Gosford East Lothian Council