The Brief


St Johns C of E Primary School


June 30th 2023

Job Type:

Installation of a Daily Mile Track

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The school was looking for a Daily Mile track to be installed on their lower field. They requested green rubber mulch to be used, and for the track to be 1.2m wide, with a length of 208 linear meters running around the perimeter of the playing field.


This track was installed by the Sportsafe team onto the existing surface, at 1.2m wide and 208 linear meters long around the perimeter of the customers playing field. This Daily Mile track is the perfect install to encourage students to exercise, work on their cardio vascular health and is also a great way for them to interact during their break times.

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The school was thrilled with their installation of the new Daily Mile, and this has been loved by their students at break and lunch times!

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