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SRX Telescopic Volleyball System


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• set consists of: 1x telescopic volleyball post with SRX system (1654150), 1x telescopic volleyball post with net hooks (16541355, 1 competition net (1654005) and 1 set of antennas and antenna pockets (1654670) • internal SRX (Spring Regulated eXchange) tension equipment for optimum net tension • the tension indicator visually shows the correct tension (green zone = OK) • clear cm indication on the posts • volleyball post for international competitions, provided it comes with padding 1654035 • competition net with very strong Kevlar cord • can be equipped with sliding strips on 2 sides • posts ø 101 mm • protective padding 1654035 not included • floor sleeves need to be ordered separately (1651100 for non-suspended or 4145030 for suspended floors)

  • The top of the post is always at the same height as the net
  • The tension indicator always visually shows the correct net tension (green zone = OK)
  • Sliding strips quickly and easily adjustable with the new grips
  • Competition net easily tensioned thanks to the Kevlar cord
  • Antennas and antenna bags included