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Water Wall – Early Years


Water Wall Early Years

Our innovative Water Wall is part of our Early Years’ specific Waterplay range, and encourages children to experiment with the flow and movement of water whilst learning to work together and improve upon their social and communication skills.

Additional extras can be added to our water wall early years product range to maximise the play experience and development of key skills. Whether you’re trying to find the ideal solution for water play for toddlers at home, or want children’s water wall options for a nursery, we can help you to find the ideal fit.

Not only are these water play items a lot of fun, they can also have educational benefits, so we’ll be happy to speak to you about the water wall eyfs implications and how you can make the most of out of children’s water wall items in educational terms. We love seeing enjoying themselves as they learn, and water wall early years products are definitely one of the best options for allowing this to happen.


Key Features:

  • 2 water wheels
  • 2 buckets with valves
  • 3 funnels
  • Plastic container
  • 14 water channels
  • 6 plastic hoses
  • 6 dams
  • 4 end covers
  • 28 hooks
  • 5 mesh panels

All of our timber play equipment options are pressure-treated, with a chrome-free and arsenic-free preservative which protects against decay and insect attack for up to 20 years. We believe in offering lasting quality and robust durability across all of our range, which includes all of the items offering water play for toddlers and older children. Get in touch today to find out more.



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