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Pirate Ship (Timber)


Pirate Ship (Timber)

Sail the open seas with our impressive Pirate Ship! The largest vessel in our fleet, our Pirate Ship is packed with a huge variety of play features including a tubular slide, cargo net, walk the plank’ and net bridge to keep children busy for hours with their pirate ship role play games!

Whether you’re looking for a single item to make an addition to an existing space, or want to build an entire pirate ship playground theme, we have some fantastically fun and educational options at your disposal. All of our items are created in-house, which allows you to add customised touches and find the ideal option for you.

As with all of our items, our pirate ship playground equipment is designed with a great deal of thought, in order to encourage both physical exercise and imaginative play over multiple levels. When it comes to the Pirate Ship playground items, it is all about promoting challenging and imaginative role play within the playground environment.

Key Features:

  • Wheel house with side entry
  • Climbing blocks
  • Main deck
  • Cargo net
  • Cannons
  • Forecastle
  • Net bridge
  • Viewing hatch
  • Officer’s cabin
  • Tubular slide
  • Walk the plank’
  • Climbing ladder
  • Sails, Rigging & Flags

*NOTE: Price reflects plastic slide version, metal slide option available on request

All of our timbers are pressure-treated with a chrome-free and arsenic-free preservative which protects against decay and insect attack for up to 20 years, providing durability, lasting quality and safer play.

All of our ropes and nets are polypropylene covered multi-filament steel core ropes secured with hydraulically pressed end connections and custom-made tamper-proof net joints.



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