With the countries childhood obesity levels continuing to increase year-on-year it is vital that we, as a nation do everything we can to tackle the problem and help the next generation live healthy and fulfilling lives. The first step towards this is encouraging children to undertake regular, enjoyable exercise.

School is the perfect place for physical activity to take place, but many primary schools across the UK do not have the facilities or equipment to offer an exciting workout to all of their pupils. By upgrading their physical education offerings they can drastically improve the lifestyle of students. But what equipment should they invest in?

The Janssen-Fritsen Just For Kids range is perfect for primary schools looking to add space-saving, easy to use and enjoyable equipment to their PE facilities.

The Just For Kids equipment can be used in a multiplicity of ways and can be combined into a variety of different combinations. What’s more, all Just For Kids equipment comes with access to the innovative PE-for-all app, an exclusive app for physical education for kids ages 3 to 8 years. The Just For Kids equipment combined with this must-have tool will get all the children to move!

Why Just For Kids?

The Just For Kids system also enables children to:

  • Experience new movements
  • Develop a sense of balance and perception of their body
  • Increase physical activity by playing
  • Advance conditional and coordination capabilities
  • Gain self-confidence due to readiness for risk
  • Put own playing idea into practice by variation of modules
  • Coordinate oneself with their play partners

Thanks to the variety of equipment and flexible set-up, each child will find a challenge at their own level. They can have fun while discovering their possibilities and push their boundaries. All modules can be easily & quickly adjusted and varied in different ways so that versatile creative exercise areas can be built up.

Types of equipment:

  • Climbing Island
  • Combiframes
  • Clambering course
  • Multibox ®
  • Mat box
  • Soft play shapes
  • Mini gymnastics

To find out more about the amazing Just for Kids range, call us today on 0333 300 0032.