Climbing Frames

Climbing frames are one of the most important and versatile items of equipment in the modern gymnasium and sports hall. Sportsafe supplies and installs all ranges of climbing frames including the Trio and Spectrum frames through to rope frames. All work is carried out by a fully qualified team and booking times can be arranged to minimise disruption.

Our fantastic range of crafted climbing frames offers the user a variety of activities for developing movement and basic gymnastic skills with larger groups of pupils. The tactile and visual qualities of our timber units make them firm favourites with children and schools alike and work well when sited in dual-use facilities.

Sportsafe offers a wide choice of climbing frames for activities for all ages and levels of ability. The standard units are 2.74m (9’) wide and 3.05m (10’) high, but ‘bespoke’ sizes are easily accommodated to suit individual sites and user requirements. These timber units can be fitted with traditional oval timber bars, or brightly painted ‘colour coded’ steel bars. To ensure safety and stability, each frame is wire braced and also fitted with a rigid connecting link, as appropriate.