Continuous Wetpour Rubber Crumb is a popular safety surfacing as it provides many years of low maintenance use, along with a contemporary and colourful appearance. Its finished appearance is likened to tarmac but it is formed from either black or coloured rubber granules mixed with a specialist binder.

Expert Installers

Our team of wetpour rubber crumb installers has remained unchanged for over 10 years, giving our customers confidence that our expertise in the field of laying this type of rubber safety surface is second to none.

We undertake complete groundworks, excavating and laying appropriate drainage materials before installing the base and top rubber surfaces if necessary. We install new surfaces and can also overlay new rubber over old rubber wetpour or tiled surfaces.

Work to European Standards

We work to European standards EN1176 and EN1177 which recommend the thickness of surface needed. The thickness of rubber ranges from 20mm to 90mm and is dependant on the critical fall height of the play equipment.

Brighten up your play area!

The predominant colour laid is black as it is the most moderately priced, but green and red are within most budgets and often chosen to cheer-up and brighten a shady play area. Most other colours are also available.

We use only the best quality raw materials and alongside our installation expertise, this gives our customers the satisfying knowledge that they are receiving a quality safety surface, from which they will have trouble-free use for many years.