With the summer holidays around the corner, schools and teachers will be looking forward to a well-deserved rest. But latest research has shown that during the six-week holidays, children’s activity levels can drop by up to 80 per cent – a worrying statistic for any parent or teacher. But what are your options for keeping kids healthy and happy while watching the pennies? We’ve put together some ideas for you to try out during the summer.

  1. Head to the playground

It may be simple but children don’t need anymore encouragement than an afternoon in the great outdoors thanks to trim trails and sensory gardens. Explore that park you’ve always wanted to visit but never been to, take a picnic and even grab a friend to make it an afternoon to remember.

  1. Grab a ball

Volleyball, basketball, rugby and of course, football. Have you been inspired by the tennis at Wimbledon? Most parks have wide open spaces where kids can hone their skills. Don’t have a patch of grass close by? Artificial grass is now as popular as ever thanks to forward-thinking leisure centres.

  1. On your bike!

Bike trails are popular thanks to the success of the London Olympics in 2012. Councils are also now encouraging people to cycle by installing bike lanes and paths, making it safer than ever to get out and about on two wheels during the summer holidays.

  1. Go indoors

The great British weather can be unpredictable. But a day of rain doesn’t mean you have to stay in the house. Head to your local leisure centre and try out climbing or grab your bat and discover indoor cricket. Swimming is always a crowd pleaser.

  1. Get creative

You don’t need to leave the house to enjoy yourselves. Set up your own obstacle course in the back garden with tunnels and jumps to navigate or better yet, get the kids to create their own (with adult supervision of course!).


Whatever you do this summer holidays, have fun.