It is of utmost importance to make sure that all of your sports and play equipment is maintained to the highest standards to ensure the safety of your users at all times. To help make this task easier we have put together a very simple sports equipment checklist for you to follow:26

Carry out regular in-house safety inspections

Carrying out in-house safety inspections on a regular basis is a very good way of ensuring that your sport and play equipment is safe to use at all times and can also save you money by allowing you to correct any small issues before they turn in to more costly problems.

Check competency, skills and suitability of those performing checks

As mentioned above, we strongly believe it is important that regular internal checks are carried, but, it is also very important to make sure that anyone carrying out these checks is competent enough to do so and is aware of what to look out for and how what steps must be taken if they encounter issues.

Regular safety inspections carried out by qualified professionals

It is also vitally important that you arrange regular safety inspections to be carried out by qualified professionals, such as Sportsafe, to ensure that your sports equipment is always maintained to the highest standards. Our engineers will also supply you with an inspections certificate that you can display to parents and Ofsted inspectors that indicates your equipment has been inspected. The Association for Physical Education(AfPE) recommend you have your equipment inspected annually.

Consider the age of equipment, are there signs of wear and tear?

When deciding whether or not to replace your sport and play equipment it is very important to consider the age of the equipment and whether or not there are signs of wear and tear. By replacing your products with new, higher quality products you may save considerable money in the long run and avoid any injuries to users of the equipment.

By following this simple checklist you will be able to maximise the performance of your sports equipment and continue to offer a safe environment at all times. By carrying out these regular checks you can not only minimise any time without certain equipment but also reduce any costs associated with repairing or replacing damaged equipment.

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