ISO 17020:2012

Do you worry about who to trust with your users’ safety? Sportsafe is now the home of ISO 17020:2012

Welcome to the future of inspections


Sportsafe is proud to have been trusted by our clients for decades. But we felt something was missing from the inspection process and the existing inspections for PESSPA equipment was inadequate. While afPE recognises the need for equipment to be inspected regularly by a competent company, there has been no recognised course or qualification for all inspections in the industry.

We were concerned clients would be confused as to who could help them best. Sportsafe decided to implement a change to help our clients know they are getting the most out of their inspections.


What is ISO 17020:2012?

The ISO standard is used in oil, gas, nuclear, and engineering. However, it can be applied to any inspection company. Certified externally by UKAS, the new accreditation is linked to Sportsafe’s existing ISO 9001 quality system, together ensuring the highest degree of inspection quality.


What are the benefits of ISO 17020:2012?

Choosing Sportsafe saves you time, money and environmental savings;

  • Primary schools will save up to £150* and secondaries up to £350* by working with Sportsafe.
  • Unlike other companies, Sportsafe can quote for and undertake any remedial work identified during inspections.
  • Remedial work is carried out quickly by Sportsafe without any loss of clarity which would come by using another company to carry out the work.
  • Facilities with both indoor and outdoor equipment can combine their inspections to take place at the same time, saving on a second call out and extra paperwork.

Sportsafe will bring our customers the highest standard of inspections thanks to;

  • A rigorous Inspector training program
  • Training files detailing each inspector’s competence
  • Formal examinations and a set pass rate all Inspectors must take and pass

Sportsafe also ensures inspections you can rely on, thanks to;

  • Sportsafe has overhauled the written inspection process, making it more detailed
  • Inspectors now have more detail about how to inspect each piece of equipment, providing a thorough inspection
  • By trusting Sportsafe, our clients are assured we are capable of carrying out inspections to the very highest quality


*Data based on a combination of anecdotal reports from school Business Managers confirmed by independent web research (precise savings may vary within the UK and depends on each school’s existing suppliers for indoor and outdoor inspections and the number of areas inspected).


What further changes will you see?

Aside from the usual professionalism you have come to expect from Sportsafe and our staff, changes have been made for our clients. Sportsafe Inspectors now have distinct uniforms to protect our clients’ security and make them easily identifiable to everyone on site.

But that’s not all.

We have also launched a new Health and Safety Certificate, making it easier for our clients to know what action they need to take to ensure the safety of their users.

From now on, clients will be given an initial report following an inspection. Our Inspectors will happily go through it with them on site, detailing any remedial work which needs to be carried out to make the equipment safe and answering any questions to ensure the client is happy.

To stop any confusion for our customers, we will no longer be issuing inspection certificates. Instead, Sportsafe customers will be handed a Health and Safety Certificate to prove their equipment is safe to governing bodies and users. This will be issued once any remedial work has been carried out.

Our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation found here


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