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Sportsafe are experts in installing floor sockets for a wide range of indoor sports, ensuring your games posts are secured safely.

Most freestanding games posts can be secured to the sports hall floor to offer a safer games arena, protect the floor from unfortunate accidents and allow greater tension of netting.

Badminton Floor Sockets

  • Supplied and fitted using diamond tip drilling machine or dry drill Hilti Rig
  • Can be installed into all types of sports surfaces including Junkers and Granwood
  • Pulastic and Maple semi-sprung
  • An expansion joint is fitted around the socket itself to allow for movement in the floor and is level with finished floor level

Football Goal Floor Sockets

  • Supplied and fitted to allow completely removable goals
  • Ready for use within 24 hours of installation
  • Football Goal Anchors
  • Supplied and fitted to suit all floor types, a must for all freestanding football or hockey goals
  • Sportsafe have now produced a velcro securing strap for quick and easy goal anchorage

Gymnastics Floor Sockets

  • Supplied and fitted into all sports surfaces for Gymnastics equipment including asymmetric bars, high bars and vaulting apparatus
  • Stainless steel sockets are uniquely designed to allow a secure fixing and equipment to be set up quickly and safely

Tennis/Volleyball Floor Sockets

  • Supplied and fitted to competition or practice standards, these stainless steel sockets have an internal thread with sprung release dust cover for ease of operation
  • 22mm in diameter M12 or Whitworth threads, these sockets will provide a safe anchor point for Volleyball or Tennis
  • Any socket installation requires critical depths in the floor slab to accommodate the socket itself – any floor makeup and/or underfloor services are to be advised prior to works
  • being carried out.


NOTE: We are unable to undertake any work for residential properties.

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