We supply sports hall divider curtains in two mesh sizes; 50mm and 22mm, and is available in a variety of colours.

Most divider curtains we provide feature a 2m high canvas sight-screen that acts as a visual barrier to so that players do not get distracted from activities taking place behind the netting.

All of our divider curtains are fitted with lanyards which are attached from the top of the netting to the top of the canvas sightscreen. These lanyards are essential as they support the net and help to avoid distortion to the square mesh that can be caused by the weight of the canvas, this also creates a trip hazard as the canvas begins to drape.

We have a number of divider curtain options available to you:

  • Indoor sports hall divider curtains
    • Heavy duty aluminium trackway to ensure maximum security
    • Top quality solutions for all requirements and specifications
    • Crossover junctions and curve units for cricket net obstructions
    • Telescopic roof brackets to suit structure
    • Tailor-made netting options for special projects and facilities
  • Electrically operated ‘roll up’ sports hall
    • Divider curtains
    • Vertically rolled curtain
    • Lightweight translucent mesh
    • Lowered/raised by fabric bands via electric motor drum
  • Electrically operated ‘vertical lift’ sports hall
    • Divider curtains
    • Lowered/raised by steel cords via electric motor drum
    • Profiles to roof pitch
    • Vertical lift
  • Replacement sports hall divider curtains
    • Flame retardant treated BS 5867 part 2 type B performance
    • Blue or green 50mm square mesh and 2m high sightscreen
    • Bespoke service, dividers to suit all heights, lengths & colour
    • FOC service to trackway
    • Affordable and high-quality netting to ensure great looks at low prices

Our sports hall division nets are manufactured using only top quality materials, including:

  • Heavy duty aluminium extruded trackway
  • Self-lubricating trolleys
  • Fire retardant storage bags
  • Heavy duty fixing brackets
  • High-quality nets and screens


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