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As a company, we are dedicated to helping the next generation, as well as the local and wider community, succeed and are proud that we are able to provide support and sponsorship to where possible.

We work with some 16,000 schools around the UK, and receive a huge number of requests for support. Every request is highly worthwhile, and we would love to be able to respond positively in every case, but the sheer number makes this impossible.

We have an annual sponsorship budget which we allocate in March each year, and we ask that all requests for the forthcoming year are received here in January so that they can be considered alongside all others. Generally speaking, we prefer requests which centre around activities promoting sports or fitness for children, but we are happy to receive any request for consideration.


As well as our sponsorship activity, we also choose a charity to support over the course of the year. For 2018/19 our charity of choice is The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation


The Tom Bowdidge Foundation


The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation is a charitable foundation, founded on 28th February 2014 and launched by his parents, Richard and Nikki on the 20th birthday anniversary of Tom Bowdidge.

Tom died of a desmoplastic small round cell tumour and extensive peritoneal disease in October 2013, at the age of 19. The Foundation is headquartered in Colchester and its goal is to raise funds to support research projects and to provide physical and emotional support to teenagers and young people with cancer.

Follow @TBFcharity for more information and how you can raise money!