To recycle unwanted equipment and save schools money. All equipment is donated by schools for schools. We collect the old equipment, repair and service it or arrange for recycling disposal. It means schools get more for their money and can afford specialist equipment which they couldn’t buy new. It also stops old equipment going to landfill.

How it works

Sportsafe will collect unwanted sports equipment from schools – charging a small fee (see below) to cover our transport costs. We clean, service and repair the equipment free, and issue a safety certificate. We will deliver reconditioned equipment to schools, again charging a small fee to cover transport.

If the equipment is obsolete or beyond economical repair, we will inform the school and dispose of the equipment in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

We will store usable equipment at our Colchester warehouse, and display items for sale. The list of available equipment will grow as more schools join the scheme and donate.

If you have finished with a piece of reconditioned equipment, you can donate it back to the scheme.

To donate

Contact Sportsafe who will arrange to collect the equipment from the school, Sportsafe will then service or repair and issue a certificate of safety. Schools within a 25-mile radius of  our offices will be charged a collection fee of £25.00. If your school is outside a 25-mile radius we will provide a quotation. You can contact us by using the website with the collection details.

To buy

Contact us if you have a special request, and we will keep a lookout for you. We service over 14,000 schools nationwide and have access to all types of equipment.

Send an official purchase order for the equipment with a zero cost but the applicable delivery cost. Sportsafe will then deliver the equipment.

Cost of delivery/collection

There are three delivery rates – A, B or C.
A – for small items: £20
B – larger items, one person delivery: £40
C – weight machines and other large items – two-person delivery: £120

Collections will be charged at a flat rate of £25, regardless of size/number of people needed.

Alternatively, schools which buy equipment can collect it directly from our warehouse free of charge.

Small print

Once the equipment is delivered, the school owns it, and is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance – and must provide adequate training on how to use the equipment before it is used.

If you want to return equipment, simply contact us to arrange collection.